In April Showers w/The Garden Gate Flower Company

It’s been a year now for my collaboration with The Garden Gate Flower Company, and as we go into our second Spring on this visual journey together I can’t help but want to share my pride in the project and where it is at now.

I started last year with Becca back at her family farm in Lostwithiel which was also home to her flower plantations, poly tunnel, and design studio. I was invited to capture the behind the scenes action at the farm, the planting, harvesting, planning, and heavy duty labour that often goes completely un-captured in the world of growing and designing flowers.

After several shoots and days spent at the farm over the Summer months, the work began to take on a very meaningful part of my visual expression, Becca makes her art, I make my art, we also make pictures that tell our collective stories and we reach out and expand our communities in new ways, it’s also led us to explore commercial opportunities together which are continuing to ignite imaginations and use our work to help other businesses thrive in their visual essence.

Towards the end of last year, The Garden Gate Flower Company relocated to the esteemed Duchy of Cornwall Nursery, I cannot recommend a visit there enough, the staff are all incredibly knowledgable, friendly and energised, it’s a calming and kind place which will fulfil all of your plant, garden and cafe needs and will exceed your expectations in all ways! Becca’s garden there is developing rapidly with all sorts of plants and flowers growing to become pieces of her future masterpieces.

I don’t tend to have too many words these days, I let my pictures talk on my behalf sometimes, so here are some pictures I made with Becca yesterday, this is where I’m at with it, absolutely in love with the practise of noticing things.

John xx