I'm John, a 31 year old creative wanderer currently living in a bright little beach side apartment and photography studio in Cornwall. 

Since graduating from The Surrey Institute of Art & Design with a degree in Fine Art Photography, I've spent the last 10 years exploring the planet extensively, and working with fabulous photographers, creatives and startup businesses with a common focus on quality, love, organic growth and passion. 

Holes In The World is a quality driven business offering photography services to clients who wish to capture the essence of love and detail in their pursuits, events and adventures . Whether it's branding for a startup venture, established product, wedding or event, each commission is approached with an inquisitive and sensitive eye for detail, looking to reveal the craft, energy, and human intuition through the photographs.  

I'm a passionate communicator and love conversations and immersing myself in the experience of making work with new people. I ask a lot of questions and am increasingly open minded, adapting to the energy of my surroundings and always trying to see things from different viewpoints. 

Commercial, private, wedding and event proposals are warmly welcomed via email, phone, Instagram, carrier pigeon etc... I'm all ears and can't wait to start planning an exciting project with you!