photo:  Skye

photo: Skye

I'm John, a passionate and caring person, obsessed with photography.

I graduated from The Surrey Institute of Art & Design with a degree in Fine Art Photography in 2007. I've spent the last 10 years exploring aesthetic, marketing strategy, natural light & the photographic process in storytelling.

I work with a wide range of clients, including international journals, startup businesses, corporations and private commissioners with a common focus on quality, integrity and detail in their pursuits. I also capture beautiful events, celebrations and capture stories for lovers.

“I belive that aesthetic, the visual & physical material which we surround ourselves with and the fabric which we incorporate by choice into our lives is intrinsic with our mental, physical health and human experience. What about storytelling? A beautiful story is whispered not screamed. What’s worth looking at is rarely shown in the surface but weaved through the shadowy grain that surrounds our work and intention; a beautiful story begins with careful listening.”

Whether it's branding for a startup venture, established product, wedding or event each commission is approached with an inquisitive and sensitive eye for detail; always looking to reveal a deep sense of craft, energy and intuition through the photographs.  

I'm a confident communicator and immerse myself in the process of making work with my clients. I ask a lot of questions and am increasingly open minded, adapting to the energy of my surroundings and pride myself on my considerate and informed approach to work. 

Commercial, private, wedding and event proposals are warmly welcomed.

Selected clients: Hole & Corner Magazine, Yoga Brunch Club, 3CC London, The Garden Gate Flower Company, So We Flow, Ideal Home Magazine, Lovely Pubs Group, Mor Wares, The Good Florist, Tinkture, British Rum, Cornish Sea Salt, Provide Birmingham, Carve Magazine, The World in Cushions, Duchy of Cornwall Nursery.